Do as I say…

6 03 2009

My apologies, AGAIN… I hate it when I don’t keep up on this thing. Things have been very busy for Virtue!

That said – I always counsel my clients to stay on top of their Social Media tools. So like any other mother would tell her children: “Do as I say, not as I do”…

The challenge is that I’m not just managing my SM, but just about each and every client’s SM as well. As any other great practitioner will tell you, your priority will always be your clients’ needs. Sometimes that means that your SM (among other materials) can be pushed to the back burner.

I’m finding though that more and more of my clients are curious about SM and refer to it as “that Twitter thing” or “Face sumpting”. I’m teaching them more the logistics of how to use it, more than the strategy.

So to those of you with questions about the strategy – I’m working on a seminar with another professional on how to implement SM tools from a strategic perspective. It’s tentatively scheduled for 3/22 – if you are interested, leave me a comment & I’ll send you an invite when I have it confirmed.

Just remember – I want you to have the tools to be successful in your marketing! So do as I say… please.

Marketing Virtuously,




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