Virtue IMC – Back in the Saddle for 2009

21 01 2009

Well first, let me apologize for my stunning lack of posts recently. I won’t bore you with the details, but it was not for lack of wanting to share.

So the first post of the new year will come on the heels of momentous change in the world. There are so many blogs about the current administration, that I will not ride the coat-tails of others. I must say that I am impressed with the administration’s use of marketing – grassroots, social, et al. In the corporate realm, having a marketing savvy management executive can mean the difference between screaming success and superior failure. I think that translates into what the largest company in the world (The good ol’ US of A) has laid out for its four year plan. With an Executive in Chief with a media- & marketing-savvy plan, I can only hold out hope for a favorable outcome!

On that note – let me catch everyone up on the goings-on here at Virtue IMC. We’ve added some new features and staff to provide comprehensive services for clients.

Experiential Marketing and Radio Media Planning: Just before the Winter holidays, I partnered with a Marketing consultant to provide clients with undivided attention to their meeting planning, special events and tradeshows. This addition will undoubtedly equate to the best possible experience events, warm lead generation and relationship-building with targeted prospects. Abby has over 8 years of experience developing targeted, experience-based events – be it a seminar, meeting, tradeshow or other event. She is looking forward to assisting you with any event planning. Abby also brings with her a unique knowledge of radio promotions and sales after spending over 3 years with various Clear Channel affiliates. She will be assisting with any radio media planning – commercials, promotions and radio-centered planning.

Demographic Development: At the beginning of 2009, I had the pleasure of reconnecting with a former classmate who has an impressive background in research. I asked her to join Virtue to head up the market research aspects of the business. Jennifer will be data-mining the statistics to assist clients in demographic development and marketing strategy. Jennifer brings with her 6 years of market research with network television affiliates. Her keen eye for how the numbers translate into marketing efforts will allow clients to make data-driven decisions on their marketing goals. Because of Jennifer’s television background, she will be assisting with any television media planning.

Visual and Graphic Representations: Brougham continues to be Virtue’s graphic design consultant. Brougham’s skills in creating brand identity, color palettes, collateral materials, tradeshow graphics and any other visual support materials make him a valuable asset to the Virtue team.

I am excited to kick off this new year with you – marketing is the best investment in this current economic climate. Virtue IMC want to assist clients with making smart investments in their business’ future.

Marketing Virtuously,





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