Who is your favorite “caricature” of a PR professional?

24 09 2008

So I also posted this on LinkedIn.com – but I thought you blog followers would get a chuckle out of it as well…

So I was watching one of my many prime-time vices – Lipstick Jungle – as I sat working on my laptop creating/editing content for a client and had to pose a question to my fellow PR practitioners:

“Who is your favorite caricature of a PR professional in today’s mainstream media?”

I’ve noticed that there has been a bit of “glamorization” of our fine profession as of late… is it because PR is not behind the curtain as much as it once was? Or is it because society is more readily accepting of what we as PR practitioners are doing in the name of our clients? Or is it that the mystique of what we do is actually an interesting read/watch?

I had quite the chuckle at Dahlia (Rosie Perez’s portrayal) and her readiness to provide access to her network to get in with Nico… I am also a fan of Lauren Hutton’s portrayal on Nip/Tuck – but HATED, HATED, HATED Sharon Gless’ character (did I mention that I HATED it?). Lauren’s was classy in the inappropriate “suggestions” she made to her clients in the name of publicity – unethical and probably not a member of PRSA, but did it with style. Sharon Gless’ character – on the other hand – is the epitome of the worst in the PR industry. That representation is what I visualize when I hear someone call a PR practitioner a “flack”. UGH!

Madmen – while not PR, but its kissing cousin Advertising – has garnered industry accolades for its representation of the early “Ad Men” and all their vices…

So to my colleagues in the wonderful practice of public relations, tell me who your favorite representations of our profession are!

Practice Virtuously,





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