A thought on marketing… virtuously

28 08 2008

I saw a post on another site today that made me nostalgic.

The post was asking about the validity of PRSA in today’s PR market. As a member since college, I strongly believe in its tenets – but one of the things that creates roadblocks to active membership is the timing of its activities (at least for me that has been the case).

At this point you are asking, “Virtue, how does that relate to marketing virtuously?” To wit, my answer is this:

Organizations such as PRSA, AMA, Ad Club, etc. provide a code of conduct for their members on how to conduct themselves ethically in the course of their business. Their membership indicates that the professional adheres to the strict standards that the organization has set forth.

Each member of PRSA is bound by the following Code of Ethics:

I pledge:

To conduct myself professionally, with truth, accuracy, fairness, and responsibility to the public; To improve my individual competence and advance the knowledge and proficiency of the profession through continuing research and education; And to adhere to the articles of the Member Code of Ethics 2000 for the practice of public relations as adopted by the governing Assembly of the Public Relations Society of America.

I understand and accept that there is a consequence for misconduct, up to and including membership revocation.

And, I understand that those who have been or are sanctioned by a government agency or convicted in a court of law of an action that is in violation of this Code may be barred from membership or expelled from the Society. http://www.prsa.org/aboutUs/ethics/preamble_en.html

As a member, I conduct myself in a manner in keeping with the code of conduct – but I take it one step further. I feel that the terms “spin-doctor” and “flack” represent the negative aspects of the profession. As I’ve seen others within the profession refer to themselves as such, I will not.

I hope that you will find that your interactions with Virtue IMC are the above reproach.

Communicating Virtuously on your behalf,


PS: In that same post was a mention of my former professor and mentor Dr. Glen Broom – I do miss seeing him every day!




One response

29 08 2008
Patrick McLaughlin

Hello. I enjoyed reading your blog, and appreciate your sentiment regarding senstivity as to how the PR profesion is portrayed.

As a fellow PR professional, I take pride in serving my clients with an appreciation for maintaining a good ethical foundation.

Furthermore. I’m a firm believer that the more PR practitioners are aware of and adhere to the PRSA Code of Ethics, the better for all concerned: the PR industry, its clients and the public.

Thank you for writing about this critical issue.

Best wishes for your continued success:


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